かなかなクリア – 仮名と四字熟語消しゲーム,脳トレゲーム 3.541

かなかなクリア – 仮名と四字熟語消しゲーム,脳トレゲーム 3.541

Game Information of かなかなクリア - 仮名と四字熟語消しゲーム,脳トレゲーム

App Name かなかなクリア - 仮名と四字熟語消しゲーム,脳トレゲーム
Package Name com.puzcharm.word.block.ja
Version 3.541
Size 96.0 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2022-02-18
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Games, Word

Description of かなかなクリア - 仮名と四字熟語消しゲーム,脳トレゲーム Mod Apk Game - Download Game Mod Apk Free, Hack Games




Kana is a Japanese character, and Chinese characters introduced from China are also used in Japan as a writing system. This time, a word game that includes kana and kanji is now available! Based on various theme words, erase the kana block and connect the words to clear in the process of erasing the slurra! With a beautiful cherry blossom skin, let’s feel the charm of kana and kanji characters! Download the free word game and learn various words such as Japanese, loanwords and four-character idioms! If you don’t know, look it up in the dictionary and there’s no time limit! Test your vocabulary and kanji test with an interesting character game and experience a popular free brain training game! Character erasing, word erasing, and compound word erasing are very popular for free!

Game features:
-Beautiful screen theme: Innovative colors and beautiful cherry blossom petal backgrounds give players a refreshing experience.
-Easy operation: Just slide with one finger. If adjacent blocks connect words, slide and the block where the kana is located disappears. An interesting character game that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages with simple rules.
-Play anytime, anywhere: No internet connection required, offline game You can experience the eraser app for free. A free kanji quiz that has no effect whether you take the subway or the elevator.
-Increase your intelligence with a word game: Kana Clear Quiz is a mystery-solving word quiz. The game includes learning not only Japanese but also loanwords and four-character idioms. This quiz is a vocabulary and kanji test, and is a good word puzzle game for dementia prevention!
-Large number of stages: A quiz with many themed stages. It’s an interesting character game that you won’t get tired of at all, and while clearing it, the difficulty level will gradually increase. The operation is easy to understand, but clearing is not that easy! While clearing the game, you can feel the charm of four-character idioms and Japanese by solving riddles.

How to play the game:
-Enter the game and first show the theme word that the word of this stage corresponds to. After that, a square appears on the upper side of the screen, and the length of the word to be put in the square is divided based on the number of squares.
-First remember the previous theme, observe if there are words related to that theme in the block, and slide horizontally or vertically depending on the kana order of the words to select the word.
-If the selected kana connects the specified words, the block disappears. At the same time, the upper block falls to the lower side.
-You can erase and clear words faster by observing and predicting whether they are in the block.
-You can also accumulate bonus words. If the word you find is correct, but not the specified word, it will be collected in the bonus treasure chest.
-When the number of words in the bonus treasure chest reaches 10, the “Continue” button changes to the “Receive” button. Tap to accumulate the number of coins in the coin frame and reset the bonus word. The button also becomes “Continue” (If you find one or several bonus words on the stage, the number of bonus words becomes 10, and you receive the bonus, the number of bonus words will be reset, but the block where the bonus words are located Does not disappear. If you connect the found bonus words again, the number of bonus words will not increase)

Are you worried that you don’t have enough play time and only hook up? Do you sigh because you waste your time? Yojijukugo An interesting character game with a kanji quiz that you can try for free-Download Kana Kana Clear! Let’s clear together in our spare time. This is a free word quiz that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere with no time and space restrictions. Let’s study the knowledge of kana and kanji while enjoying the pleasure of erasing words smoothly in the process of solving the mystery! ❤️

Game Id: com.puzcharm.word.block.ja

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