チェインクロニクル チェインシナリオ王道バトルRPG 4.2.3

チェインクロニクル チェインシナリオ王道バトルRPG 4.2.3

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・ A total of 231 times free! Part 1-3 You can draw the first 11 consecutive gachas at each bar for free!
・ Part 3 story can be played with 1 AP consumption for the first time!
・ Part 1 and 2 Story AP consumption 50% OFF campaign is also being held!
・ On sale, a great royal plan where you can get spirit stones every day!

Anyone can play from Part 4 of the latest story!
Now we are delivering a quest to welcome one party’s worth of Holy City Legend characters as friends!
Add “Parschel”, “Reflet”, “Luanna”, and “Ares” to your group.
Let’s advance the adventure of Part 4 “Call of the New World”!

Furthermore, in the main story of Part 1 to 3, the AP consumption has been adjusted.
You can advance the story steadily!

▼ Story
A timeless and epic story RPG about the chronicles.
In the fourth part, the captain and the volunteer army who jumped out into the new world are drawn.

“Parts 1 and 2” depicting the battle between the black army and the volunteer army,
The world “Part 3” a few years after the battle with the new threat “White variant” is also drawn
You can continue to play!

▼ Character
A story of fate spun with more than 1000 unique characters.
If you deepen your bond, you may be able to see an unexpected side of your friends !?

▼ System
Pirika “Finally, the volunteer army has a house!”
“Military Army Headquarters” where you can enjoy communicating with your friends is now available!
Deepen your friendship with your favorite friends!

▼ Battle
Move the character by tapping
Activate a special move with one touch
Exhilarating Tower Defense Battle RPG

▼ Gorgeous voice actors
Akira Ishida Ayane Sakura Maaya Uchida Kotori Koiwai Junichi Yanagida Sayako Hoshino Ami Koshimizu Jun Fukuyama Chikazu Saito Miyuki Sawashiro Shizuka Ito Edaori Nonaka Ai Kato Hidemi Sato Satomi Sato Tetsuya Kakihara Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi Tomokazu Sugita Keiji Fujiwara Minami Takayama Kotono Mitsuishi Asami Imai Emi Ogata Katsuhei Yamaguchi Daisuke Namikawa Aya Uchida Aya Uchida Mami Koyama Misa Fukuen Misato Fujimura Ayumu Ise Mariya Kobayashi Yu Fuchigami Mai Murakawa Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi Kusuda Aina Shibasaki Noriko Hatanaka Yu Asahina Maruka Koike Riko Wai Mizuki Torino Takahiro Otsubo Yuka Otsubo Yuka Park Rumi Galactic Manjo Ito Kanae Misawa Sachika Hiyama Rei Sakuma Rei Hayami Shou Fujii Yukiyo Fujii Yuka Imai

▼ Chain Chronicle is recommended for these people
・ I want to enjoy a full-fledged royal road story RPG
・ I like the fantasy world view where swords, magic, fairies and demons appear.
・ Looking for an interesting game, a popular free RPG that you can immerse yourself in
・ I want to play a role-playing game where I can adventure with attractive characters
・ I want to enjoy an RPG full of replay elements
・ I like battles that can be easily operated with one touch
・ I want to enjoy a voluminous scenario
・ Many quests are available
・ I want to capture while devising a party organization
・ I want to enjoy myself at my own pace (single play)
・ I like battles that can be easily operated with one touch (with auto play)
・ I like mobile novels and light novels
・ I like different world reincarnated novel anime
・ I like beautiful card games
・ I like to capture games with my friends
・ I like tower defense battles and line battle games
・ I like historic masterpiece games

Game Id: com.sega.chainchronicle

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App Name チェインクロニクル チェインシナリオ王道バトルRPG
Package Name com.sega.chainchronicle
Version 4.2.3
Rating 9.6 ( 205612 )
Size 85.7 MB15.0 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2021-09-29
Installs 1,000,000+

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