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App Name 奇蹟MU:大天使
Package Name
Version 1.10.1
Size 134.3 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2022-04-26
Installs 10,000+

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■ 帶著3倍的樂趣迴歸的奇蹟MU:大天使
只培養一個角色的時代結束了! 同時培養3個角色,尋找您獨有的強力的組合吧! 能保證3倍的樂趣!

■ 帶著搬磚回歸的奇蹟MU:大天使
隨著角色成長而增加的裝備插槽! 冒險廣闊的MU大陸,通過搬磚感受以下MMORPG本身的樂趣吧!

■ 帶著戰盟戰爭的樂趣回歸的奇蹟MU:大天使
MMORPG的正宗攻城戰在奇蹟MU:大天使中再次相遇! 在戰盟之間令人窒息的激烈戰爭中,爭取最強戰盟的榮耀吧!

▣ 在奇蹟MU:大天使官方論壇參與各種活動吧!
▶ 奇蹟MU:大天使 官方網站 :
▶ 奇蹟MU:大天使 官方論壇 :

▣ 智慧型手機APP存取權限公告
– 寫入外部存儲器: 為了適用熱更,修改錯誤等事項,訪問安裝在手機中的奇蹟MU:大天使應用程序文件夾。
– 圖片/影片/檔案儲存 : 允許應用程序讀取存儲在手機中的照片和媒體,以便往遊戲內論壇公告欄上傳照片和媒體。
– 相機:使用遊戲內論壇時,需要相機權限。

* 如果拒絕必須取得存取權限時,則不能使用遊戲。
* 即使不同意選擇性權限,也能使用遊戲。

– 最低配備: RAM 4GB 以上

[Android OS 6.0以上] 手機上的設定 > 應用程式 > 奇蹟MU:大天使 > 權限 > 重新設置各訪問權限。
[Android OS 6.0以下] 因版本特性不能關閉訪問權限,只有刪除相關應用程序才能撤回訪問權限。

▶Game Introduction◀

■ The Miracle MU: Archangel that returns with 3x the fun
The era of only developing one character is over! Cultivate 3 characters at the same time and find your unique powerful combination! 3x the fun guaranteed!

■ The miracle MU: Archangel that returns with a brick move
Equipment slots that increase as your character grows! Adventure the vast MU continent, and feel the fun of the following MMORPG itself by moving bricks!

■ The Miracle MU: Archangel that returns with the joys of War of the Covenants
The authentic siege of MMORPG meets again in Marvel MU: Archangel! Fight for the glory of the strongest alliance in the suffocating fierce war between alliances!

▣ Participate in various activities on the official forum of Miracle MU: Archangel!
▶ Miracle MU: Archangel Official Website :
▶ Miracle MU: Archangel Official Forum :

▣ Smartphone APP Access Rights Notice
In order to ensure the smooth running of the Marvel MU: Archangel game, the following permissions will be accessed when the game is installed.
[Access is required]
– Write to external memory: To apply hot update, fix bugs, etc., access the Miracle MU: Archangel application folder installed in the phone.
[optional access rights]
– Picture/Video/File Storage: Allows the application to read photos and media stored on the phone for uploading photos and media to the in-game forum bulletin board.
– Camera: Camera permission is required when using the in-game forum.

* If you refuse to obtain access permission, you cannot use the game.
* You can use the game even if you do not agree to the optional permissions.
When you click the installation and update button of Miracle MU: Archangel, it is deemed to agree to install Miracle MU: Archangel.

– Minimum equipment: RAM 4GB or more

[Close permission method]
[Android OS 6.0 and above] Settings on your phone > Apps > Miracle MU: Archangel > Permissions > Reset each access permission.
[Android OS below 6.0] Access rights cannot be closed due to version characteristics, and access rights can only be withdrawn by deleting the relevant application.
※The content of this game involves violence. According to the game software classification management method, it is classified as tutoring level 12. Only people over the age of 12 can use it.
※This game is a free game, but the game also provides paid services such as the purchase of virtual game currency, items, etc. Please make appropriate consumption according to your personal interests and abilities
※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid addiction, play for a long time, it is easy to affect the work and rest, it is advisable to rest and exercise moderately
※This game is represented by Netzen Technology Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service channel of this game

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