Game Information of Crocodile Attack Simulator

App Name Crocodile Attack Simulator
Package Name com.frs.wildcrocodile.attack.simulator2019
Version 2.1.14
Size 50.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2022-03-08
Installs 100,000+

Description of Crocodile Attack Simulator Mod Apk Game - Download Game Mod Apk Free, Hack Games

Have you ever imagined what it is like to be a Wild Crocodile?  Now you finally have a chance to know that feeling…!
Crocodile Attack Simulator 2019.The Top & Best new crocodile simulator is here! 
Play underwater interesting missions in this latest crocodile attack 2019 game. You will ever dream to enjoy your life as a wild crocodile on sea .This animal attack simulator of 2019 is the latest addition to crocodile games. Take the role of a ferocious monster reptile and clamp down on your prey with massive jaws and crush it. Hungry Crocodile Evolution game is full of anger and blaze of the angry swamp crocodile. Use your animal instinct and attack wild animals with vicious power and rage. In this Rampage monster game the hungry crocodile has arrived in beach for destruction and rampage. It is a Deadly Criminal and Hard to control. Hit and smash everything on your way in hungry Crocodile Rampage 3D Simulator!
Play as a sharp crocodile killer and enjoy the devouring your prey. As a hunger crocodile, you can eat any living thing on the beach across the ocean and sea water and also attack on wild animals. See the world as an angry monster and you can attack on anything. Control your wild alligator in water and on beach land.
Download this crocodile simulator 2019 and attack on wild animals. Be a part of epic battle between survival of the fittest in animal simulator 2018. Survive against wildlife reptiles in this ultimate crocodile simulator Game of 2019.
 You have played many shark simulator, dinosaur simulator and flying alligator simulator now we give you an angry crocodile attack simulator 2019 game for beach hunt. Take control of hungry crocodile in this action packed simulator game. You play as a CROCODILE ATTACK 2019 –Crocodile eating simulator the world of wild hunter you want to hunt the whale, hungry Wolf, Wild lion, bear, cow goat, angry Gorilla, American alligator, and many more people such as raft 3d Survival Island 2019? 
This crocodile attack Sim game is one of the best crocodile games. A wild crocodile wants to attack on wild animals and beach humans. If you have a dream of becoming an alligator shark and love to play sea games and reptile games then this is a game where you could attack wildly on all living things with interesting levels. In the history of crocodile attack games this crocodile water game is most popular game. In crocodile beach attack simulator game your crocodile is angry and hungry. Become a fighter crocodile; go and finish everything on the beach.
Become the killer crocodile on the beach and jump on humans who are here to spend their Christmas holidays. The crocodile is a beast and have wonderful hunting skills, It loves adventure so you can take it to explore the beach and city. Crocodile is Hungry and it needs your amazing skills to attack on people and fill its empty Stomach.

• Two Different Challenging Modes
• Different Skins
• More than 20 Missions to complete
• Different Crocodiles are available to Attack & Hunt
• Map of beach and sea water
• Swam around and eat people
• Huge animated 3D crocodile.
• Smooth and easy controls to make the crocodile move and attack.
• Fast and action packed gameplay.
+ Created 30 new exciting levels with mutiple challenges
+ Added and improved TPV cam for rotation of characters in gameplay
+ Displayed meat award on head-top each animals in each level during gameplay
+ Redesigned whole UI including all gameplay and main menu panels
+ Added new list of opponent animals with better AI and animations
+ Integrated proper scoring system by:
– Added food with generic meat icon on all menu panels
+ Added mask animations and text adjustments

Game Id: com.frs.wildcrocodile.attack.simulator2019