Garena 傳說對決:五週年版本

Garena 傳說對決:五週年版本

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App Name Garena 傳說對決:五週年版本
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1. 修復了伊格、阿塔、古木、綺蘿和凱撒有部分控制技能無法打破拉維爾2技能的問題

2. 修復了達爾西的大招可以將部分處於霸體狀態的英雄拉回的問題

3. 修復了洛里昂偶爾出現整場對局不可選中的問題

4. 修復了朗博大招、瑪迦1技能和古木大招等英雄技能在視野邊緣施放看不到技能特效的問題

5. 修復了勇二技能命中敵方英雄後箭還在對後面敵人造成傷害的問題

6. 修復了挑戰者技能「治癒」對處於不可選中狀態的隊友不生效的問題

★ 遊戲簡介
《Garena 傳說對決》由 Garena 與騰訊天美工作室所合作開發,是一款最刺激的10人決戰MOBA手遊。超過80 位獨特英雄任你選擇、高品質畫面與公平安心的遊戲環境,無論你想領導全軍出擊進行決戰,或是在戰場角落輕鬆平安度過一生,《Garena 傳說對決》都能滿足你!

★ 遊戲特色

【吃兵、推塔、拆主堡】:上中下三路推塔、忠實還原經典玩法,展現你的 MOBA 王者實力!
【公平對戰、隨時開團】:遊戲中不販售任何可能影響英雄強弱與戰局勝敗的物品,享受絕對公平的對戰環境,想當 MOBA 王者不需花大錢!
【十分鐘一場極速對戰】:平均十分鐘一場的 MOBA 團戰,無論你在捷運、公車、甚至下課空檔都可以操控你的英雄大戰一場,搶當 Rank 王者!
【多種模式,豐富玩法】: 5v5 團戰、3v3 風暴峽谷、1v1 單挑、5v5 隨機單中、或是挑戰 Rank 王者,選擇你的英雄瘋狂激鬥吧!更多特殊玩法更讓你跟隊友欲罷不能,非玩不可!

★ 聯繫我們

Garena 傳說對決官方網址:
Garena 客服中心:
Facebook 粉絲團:
★Version update content

1. Legendary Battlefield 4.0 is here, and the new art is waiting for you to experience.

2. The magic dragon Caesar changes, a new mechanism creates a new legend.

3. The day and night system is on the stage, and you can feel the charm of the new season gameplay.

4. The game interface is reborn, and the novel design reveals a new title page of the legend.

5. Brand-new ranking class, the glory of the bright legend descends.

6. The legendary girl group took the stage, and the dream journey officially set sail.

7. A special linkage strikes, detonating the fifth anniversary of the legend.

8. The battle experience has evolved, with clear information and smoother operations.

★Bug fix

1. Fixed the problem that some control skills of Yig, Atta, Furumu, Chiro and Caesar could not break LaVille 2 skills

2. Fixed an issue where Dulce’s ultimate move could pull back some heroes in a domineering state

3. Fixed an issue where Lorient occasionally could not be selected in the entire game

4. Fixed the issue where hero skills such as Langbo’s ultimate move, Maja 1 skill, and ancient wood’s ultimate move could not be seen when cast at the edge of the field of vision.

5. Fixed the issue where the arrows of Yong Er’s skill hit the enemy hero and still inflict damage to the enemy behind

6. Fixed an issue where the challenger skill “Cure” did not take effect on teammates who were in an unselectable state

★ Introduction to the game
“The Legend of Garena” is developed by Garena and Tencent Tianmei Studio. It is the most exciting 10-player decisive battle MOBA mobile game. With more than 80 unique heroes to choose from, high-quality graphics and a fair and secure game environment, whether you want to lead the entire army in a decisive battle, or spend your life in a corner of the battlefield easily and safely, “The Legend of Garena” can satisfy you!

★ Game Features

[Eat soldiers, push towers, dismantle the main fort]: Push the tower in three ways, up, middle and down, faithfully restore the classic gameplay, and show your MOBA king strength!
[Fair battles, open groups at any time]: The game does not sell any items that may affect the strength of the hero and the victory or defeat of the battle. Enjoy an absolutely fair battle environment. If you want to be a MOBA king, you don’t need to spend a lot of money!
[Ten minutes for a fast battle]: An average of 10 minutes for a MOBA team battle. Whether you are on the MRT, the bus, or even in the middle of class, you can control your hero for a battle and become the Rank king!
[Multiple modes, rich gameplay]: 5v5 team battle, 3v3 Storm Canyon, 1v1 singles, 5v5 random singles, or challenge the Rank king, choose your hero to fight wildly! More special gameplay makes you and your teammates want to stop, you have to play!
[Built-in voice, real-time communication]: Built-in voice system, you don’t need to type in team battles, communicate directly and change strategies instantly!
[Unique heroes, exclusive skills]: More than one hundred heroes have exquisite painting styles and unique skill sets in their respective fields. Only by proficient in all heroes can we know ourselves, know ourselves, and fight forever!

★ Contact us

The official website of Garena Legend Showdown:
Garena Customer Service Center:
Facebook fan group:

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