Tom and Jerry: Chase  2.2.11

Tom and Jerry: Chase 2.2.11

Game Information of Tom and Jerry: Chase

App Name Tom and Jerry: Chase
Package Name com.netease.tjasia
Version 2.1.21
Size 923.8 MB
Requirement Android 2.3.2+
Updated 2022-03-21
Installs 500,000+
Category Casual, Games

Description of Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod Apk Game - Download Game Mod Apk Free, Hack Games

Tom and Jerry: Chase a competitive lite mobile game with hilariously fun 1v4 asymmetrical gameplay. Pick a side in this classic game of “cat and mouse” and outsmart your opponents in a battle of wits. The fun never ends!

1. Adapted from the Oscar-winning classic cartoon Tom and Jerry, this game allows you to either steal Cheese and make your escape as the witty Jerry, or to catch mice and tie them to Rockets as the cunning Tom! Smooth controls, stunning visuals, and even more awaits you! The battles are about to begin! Hurry up and join the adventure with your buddies!

2. Fair and Free-to-Play to Your Heart’s Content
Complete free quests to receive Gold, which can be used to purchase characters from the Shop with no money spent. You can also unlock elite VIP Privileges! The Shop doesn’t sell equipment that effects stats, meaning that victory is only dictated by the skill of the players!

3. Tons of Characters, Goofy Items, Adaptable Gameplay
We have Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Lightning, and more of your favorite classic characters! Each character has their own unique skills, which can be combined with a combination of gadgets and items in every map. Play smart and you can snatch victory in the wink of an eye!

4. A Variety of Game Modes and Endless Fun
In addition to classic matches, you can also experience a variety of Casual gameplay modes, such as Golden Key Match, Fun with Fireworks Cheese Frenzy, Beach Volleyball, and more. Each of these special gameplay modes are available at different times of the week, so every day can be a fun new experience!

5. Fast-Paced, High-Stakes 8-Min Matches
Matches follow a brisk 8-minute pace. If you have spare time, you can get out your phone and have an exciting match where you’ll never know who will win until the last second. If you don’t how to play games like this, our tutorial system is designed to teach you everything you need to know. You can complete tutorials to get rewards and improve your skills. Various skills and tactics who want to reach the top of the ranking.
6. Random Maps for Fun, Varied Gaming Experiences
The game now offers up to four main environments. Even within the same map, each game’s room combinations are randomly generated by the system. Coupled with a rich and varied set of items, you will never have the same Chase experience twice!

7. Team Up with Friends with Voice Chat
Form a team with up to four friends and use our game’s voice chat feature to plan how you’re going to prank Tom on the fly!

8. Stunning Visuals, Optimized for a Seamless Experience
Realistic environments, exquisite graphics, and an original soundtrack, all inspired by the classic cartoon. Through in-depth research and development, we’ve insured that our graphics are still beautiful without burdening your device’s performance. That’s right, you can play a pretty looking game without fear of it lagging or crashing!

9. Customize Your Characters by Unlocking Skins
Each character has a variety of Skins to choose from. Unlock Skins and show off your fashion sense to other players!

Game Id: com.netease.tjasia

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