れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~  1.35.0

れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~ 1.35.0

Game Information of れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~

App Name れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~
Package Name com.dmm.games.legeclo
Version 1.11.0
Rating 10.0
Size 152.4 MB
Requirement Android 8.0+
Updated 2022-03-22
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Simulation

Description of れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~ Mod Apk Game - Download Game Mod Apk Free, Hack Games

壮大な王道ファンタジーSRPGがDMM GAMESから登場!







・DMM GAMESシリーズが好きな方!



Android 8.0以上のスマートフォン




A spectacular royal road fantasy SRPG is now available from DMM GAMES!
Command the heroes who have become beautiful girl characters and fight together!

A long time ago, the world was about to end with the evil monster Abyss.
However, the gods who lived on the moon reincarnated the legendary “Legend” beyond humanity and sealed Abyss with the earth.

A thousand years have passed since the battle, and the sealed continent of Abyss begins to emerge.
The crisis to come again.
At that time, an ordinary young man who lived in the remote village of Windmill
Succeeded in summoning legend Jeanne d’Arc using his father’s keepsake.

This encounter changed the fate of the youth.

★ All characters are beautiful illustrations of high quality, just cute and beautiful!
Summon beautiful girl heroes using magic jewels!
Let’s embark on a journey to save the world with unique characters!

★ Let’s improve the fighting power of the party with level x class x skill!
Enjoy it with a variety of training systems!
If you deepen the bond and raise your liking, you will be able to see a special character story …?
Enjoy stories and tactics battles with many beautiful girl heroes!

★ A powerful battle simulation RPG that changes the battle situation in one square!
Even with simple tap play, the strategy is endless!
Organize a party with your favorite characters and confront the evil monster Abyss!
You can choose by strength or cuteness!
Enjoy simple and full-scale strategy simulation!

★ Recommended for people like this!
・ Those who like beautiful girl characters
・ Those who like beautiful girls and cute girl characters!
・ Those who like beautiful girl game apps featuring cute girls!
・ Those who like Moe characters and cute girls!
・ I want to enjoy a beautiful girl game with a wide variety of girls!
・ Those who improve beautiful girl RPG
・ I was looking for a beautiful girl game that I could play for a long time even for free!
・ Those who like the DMM GAMES series!
・ Those who like to train moe characters and cute girls!
・ Those who were looking for a Moe app or Moe game!
・ Those who like sexy beautiful girl characters!
・ Those who like fantasy stories!
・ Those who enjoy training beautiful girls, improving their level, and strengthening them!
・ Those who are looking for a beautiful girl RPG game app that is perfect for killing time!
・ Those who also play PC version of DMM series games
・ Those who play a beautiful girl’s neglected game app
・ Those who like beautiful girls like idols!
・ Those who like games that nurture beautiful girls!
・ Those who want to enjoy the game with easy operation!
・ Those who like moena girls!
・ Those who want to play girl games for free!
・ Those who like beautiful graphics
・ Those who like games with many heroes and gods turned into beautiful girls
・ Those who often play DMM games!
・ Those who like simulation games
・ Those who want to play srpg games where beautiful girls play an active role!
・ Those who want to enjoy srpg games with super beautiful graphics!
・ Those who want to play full-scale srpg games!
・ Those who are confident in their brain-like gameplay!
・ Those who like “strategy simulation x beautiful girl battle”

★ Link with DMM account!
Enjoy your smartphone, PC, anytime, anywhere!

▽ Official Twitter

▽ Official website
◆ Price
App body: Free
* Some paid items are available.
◆ Recommended terminal
Android 8.0 and above smartphones

【please note】
* If the device does not meet the recommended environment, it may not be available or may not operate normally.
* For checking the OS you are currently using and updating the OS, etc.
If you have any questions, please check with each carrier or each terminal distributor.
* To enjoy the game comfortably, we recommend playing in a Wi-Fi environment.
* The game may not run smoothly depending on the environment and device usage.
It may be improved by closing the application, turning off the power of the terminal, clearing the cache, etc.

We may change the recommended environment as necessary in the future.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

* Please be sure to check the terms of use and privacy policy before using.

[Official Twitter]
Check the latest information on beans!

Game Id: com.dmm.games.legeclo

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