叫我大掌櫃:原創正版古風經營  5.0.6

叫我大掌櫃:原創正版古風經營 5.0.6

Game Information of 叫我大掌櫃:原創正版古風經營

App Name 叫我大掌櫃:原創正版古風經營
Package Name com.gm99.dzg
Version 2.6.1
Rating ( 18890 )
Size 381.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.3+
Updated 2021-03-25
Installs 500,000+
Category Games, Simulation

Description of 叫我大掌櫃:原創正版古風經營 Mod Apk Game - Download Game Mod Apk Free, Hack Games


* 臉書專頁:https://www.facebook.com/bigboss.gm99
* 遊戲官網:https://m.gm99.com/dzg

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★一日大掌櫃 天天大富翁★
– 『叫我大掌櫃』x『大富翁』新春暴富聯動合作火熱來襲!
– 新增大富翁地圖玩法,每一格都有不同機遇,讓體子決定你的命運吧~
– 新增聯動角色孫小美和阿土伯,助你成為宋朝大富翁!

★開店做掌櫃 店店有乾坤★
– 獨樹一幟的水墨畫風,繁華熙攘的市井街道
– 客棧、戲院、包子鋪……帶你體驗古代店鋪的特色風味
– 從一間小商鋪白手起家,成為汴京第一首富!

★市井生百業 行行出狀元★
– 二皮匠、巫蠱師、盜墓賊……這裡有各種你不知道的古代神秘職業
– 士農工商俠,五大職業體系!職業店鋪強強搭配,賺錢速度無上限!
– 商場如戰場,派出你的頂級門客在商戰PK中贏得勝利!

★美人顏如花 楚楚惹人愛★
– 遊歷遇美人,文雅棋士,可愛小師妹,嬌艷檳榔妹……誰是你的愛?
– 與美人心心相融,琴瑟和諧,體驗洞房花燭夜的美妙~
– 美人和門客的緣分,也可以幫助你提高賺錢速度喔~

★養娃要趁早 兒孫滿堂跑★
– 和美人誕下愛的結晶,一起將呱呱墜地的娃娃撫養長大~
– 獨創雙胞胎子嗣玩法,據說拜拜送子觀音下一胎必有喔~
– 為孩子尋覓合適的婚事,和親家一起,強強聯合擴大勢力!

★經商走天下 奇遇多驚喜★
– 世界那麼大,一起去看看~ 騎上駱駝,開啟你的西域經商之旅!
– 絲綢之路多奇遇,英雄救美、智取貨物……隨機事件玩法驚喜不斷!

The most popular 2021 original and genuine Ancient business war x simulated business RPG mobile game “Call me the big shopkeeper” download now and take you to the picture scroll Like the ancient capital of the Song Dynasty, experience the real ancient city life~! The new version of the Chinese New Year is now online, and the “Monopoly” is coming! Be the treasurer in the New Year! ??

★Official Information★
* Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bigboss.gm99
* Game official website: https://m.gm99.com/dzg

>>>>> Please receive your opening fund <<<<<

★The Great Shopkeeper in One Day, The Rich Man in Everyday★
-“Call me the big shopkeeper” x “Monopoly” New Year’s wealthy cooperation cooperation is coming!
-Newly increased the gameplay of the rich man map, each grid has different opportunities, let your body determine your destiny~
-Added new linkage characters Sun Xiaomei and A Tubo to help you become a rich man in the Song Dynasty!

★Opening a shop as a shopkeeper, there is something in the shop★
-Unique ink painting style, bustling streets
-Inns, theaters, bun shops…Take you to experience the distinctive flavors of ancient shops
-Started from nothing in a small shop and became the richest man in Bianjing!

★City’s students and all industries are the top pick ★
-Second Leatherworker, Witch Gu Master, Tomb Rogue…There are various ancient mysterious professions that you don’t know about here
-Scholars, farmers, businessmen, five professional systems! Strong matching of professional shops, unlimited money making speed!
-The shopping mall is like a battlefield, send your top door customers to win the business battle PK!

★Beauty looks like a flower, so cute★
-Traveling and encountering beauties, elegant chess masters, cute little juniors, charming pinang girls…Who is your love?
-Harmony with the beauties, harmony with the piano, and experience the beauty of the wedding night in the bridal chamber~
-The fate of the beauties and the doormen can also help you increase the speed of making money~

★Raising a baby as early as possible, children and grandchildren run around the house★
-Give birth to the crystallization of love with the beauty, and raise up the doll that fell to the ground together~
-Original twin child heir gameplay. It is said that the next child of Goddess of Mercy will be there~
-Find suitable marriages for your children, and join forces with your in-laws to expand your influence!

★Doing business and walking around the world, there are so many surprises★
-The world is so big, let’s take a look~ Ride a camel and start your business journey in the Western Regions!
-There are many adventures along the Silk Road, heroes save beauty, outsmart goods… Random events are constantly playing with surprises!

*This game software classification management method is classified as: Supplementary 15 levels.
*The content of this game involves violence, love and friendship, and the characters are dressed to highlight the chest and arms.
*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
*Playing games for a long time will easily affect the normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise moderately.





Game Id: com.gm99.dzg