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App Name 戰鬥吧龍魂
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Version 10.3.2
Size 298.4 MB14.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2021-12-10
Installs 100,000+

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龍族崛起 燃爆冒險魂

《戰鬥吧龍魂》一款以魔神龍族為題材的日系3D MMORPG手遊。締結契約、蒐集碎片、召喚巨龍,為了守護所生存的美好世界,即刻與強力龍魂夥伴攜手展開難以忘懷的奇幻冒險。

【盡情探索 會呼吸的地圖】

【百變龍魂 炫彩技能】

【離線掛機 自由交易】

【激戰BOSS 爽拿神裝】

【靈魂伴侶 永恆羈絆】

The Rise of the Dragon Clan Explodes the Adventure Soul
The majestic Japanese fantasy MMO mobile game is here!

“Battle Dragon Soul” is a Japanese 3D MMORPG mobile game based on the theme of the Demon Dragon Race. Sign contracts, collect fragments, and summon dragons. In order to protect the beautiful world in which they live, immediately join hands with powerful dragon soul partners to embark on an unforgettable fantasy adventure.

[Explore and breathe map]
Delicate scene interaction design, feel the cool breeze whizzing by your ears, fall into the cliff, sink to the bottom, fly and explore freely in the vast world; 4K top image quality equipped with high-quality rendering technology to create an immersive gaming experience, Take you through the fantasy world!

【Various Dragon Soul, Colorful Skills】
Cultivate your cute pet’s personality, and the beautiful evolution will help you reverse the situation! After the dragon soul evolves, you can get a unique dragon soul form and a variety of cool skills, and there are more exclusive dragon soul secret missions, unlock more interactive plots, and protect your contract!

【Offline and hang up, free trading】
You can automatically enter the experience state offline at any time, easily hang up to challenge the dungeon to brush equipment, online resources are bursting to get your hands, the most Chill life, the easiest RPG; you can also exchange resources through the auction system, and quickly upgrade equipment to start a magnificent journey.

[Fighting Boss, Shuang Take God’s Costume]
Extreme battles, enjoy the invigorating fighting experience of continuous critical strikes, fiercely fighting against the epic boss king monsters lurking in the battlefield ruins! Team up with adventure partners to explore the world, brush BOSS and clear the customs, and get the treasures of the gods!

【Soul Mate, Eternal Bond】
The rich social system allows you to meet your ideal partner in the charming scenery and take photos to commemorate every encounter. Have such a romantic wedding and leave the best memories!

Classified as “Supplementary 12” according to the game software classification management method
Minority in the game (some characters wear distinctive clothing)
Violence, inappropriate language, virtual love or marriage
Pay attention to the use time and avoid indulging in the game
Part of the game content or services require additional payment

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