Ninja Sudoku – Logic hint  3.1.2

Ninja Sudoku – Logic hint 3.1.2

Game Information of Ninja Sudoku - Logical solver, No ads while gaming

App Name Ninja Sudoku - Logical solver, No ads while gaming
Package Name com.m00nlight.samuraisudoku
Version 1.7.0
Rating ( 61 )
Size 22.7 MB
Requirement Android 6.0+
Updated 2020-03-17
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

Description of Ninja Sudoku - Logical solver, No ads while gaming Mod Apk Game - Download Game Mod Apk Free, Hack Games

Features of Ninja Sudoku:

– Logical hint and solver built-in(for both normal sudoku & X sudoku).
– No ads while playing the game.
– Unlimit logical hint for game and solver
– More than 300,000 puzzles and 5000 X sudoku puzzles in 5 difficulty levels(from easy to expert), so you have plenty of puzzles to advance your Sudoku skills.
– Two selection modes while playing a game(you can change the mode seamlessly when gaming, and you can also set a preferred default mode for your taste in the settings).
– Clean, beautiful and intuitive UI.
– Able to generate all candidate numbers of the unfilled cells by one-click
– Highlight related cells and numbers.
– Notes taking and unlimited undo and redo.
– Sudoku techniques explanation.

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular numbers game. Just like physical exercise, your brain needs some exercise too. Playing Sudoku exercises your brain extensively. There are a few amazing benefits of playing Sudoku:

1. Improves your memory. Your memory and logic wort side-by-side when you are playing Sudoku. We use our memory to memorize the numbers when we use our logic to figure out the next blank.
2. Stimulates your mind and boosts logical thinking. It keeps you practicing your logical thinking process when you are solving a puzzle, and eventually improve your number skills.
3. Reduces the chances of developing Alzheimers and the impact of Dementia by playing Sudoku regularly to keep your brain active.
4. Develops quick-thinking skills. Not only playing Sudoku is interesting but it helps to increase your sense of time. You will learn how to make a decision and take action with less hesitation.
5. Improves concentration, reduce anxiety and stress. Sudoku requires the player to think strategically and solve problems creatively. Once you stop playing in the middle of the game, you have to start the whole thinking process, which helps you to develop your concentration power and re-focus skills. Mental puzzles like Sudoku can also help to calm the mind and keep stress and anxiety away.
6. Feel happy. Sudoku gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can solve a puzzle, especially when the puzzle is a difficult one.
7. Healthy mindset and pass-time. Instead of wasting time watching TV, you can improve your brain by playing Sudoku. Not many games require quite as much mental engagement as Sudoku.

Install this app, play Sudoku every day to exercise your brain and you will become happier and smarter.

Included sudoku logical strategies:

– Single candidate
– Single position
– Candidate line
– Block eliminate
– Naked/Hidden pair
– Naked/Hidden triple
– Naked/Hidden quadruple
– Simple coloring
– X wing
– Finned X wing
– Sashimi finned X wing
– Y wing
– Swordfish
– Finned swordfish
– Sashimi finned swordfish
– Jellyfish
– XYZ wing
– WXYZ wing
– Unique rectangle(type 1, 2 3 & 4)
– Digital forcing chain
– Cell forcing chain
– Unit forcing chain
Major changes
1. Add four color themes for the user to choose
2. Add bookmark functionality
3. Staged hint, you can enable or disable it in setting
4. Add long-press gesture in the digital-first mode

Other minor fixes
1. Fix reset board not reset timer problem
2. Enable enlarging the control panel in settings
3. UI tweaks and improvements
4. Add setting to keep the screen on
5. Add a button for exit a game
6. Stability improvements

Game Id: com.m00nlight.samuraisudoku