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App Name SUMI SUMI : Matching Puzzle
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Version 2.6.1
Rating ( 27564 )
Size 79.2 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-06-20
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◆ Popular characters from San-X has transformed into “Sumisumi” ◆

Cute characters such as Rilakkuma ,Sumikko Gurashi, etc.
are gathered together as a lovely puzzle game!

It’s easy to play, very exciting, perfect for refreshing!

【Recommended points of this game】

・ It’s free to play!

・ Just tap! Super easy to play!

・ Cute map screens full of sweets!

・ Many characters from the past!

・ Exciting skill animation for each character!

・ Enjoy collecting “Sumisumi” using the Gacha!

▼ “Sumisumi” appearance:

(Title of work: Rilakkuma)
・ Rilakkuma
・ Korilakkuma
・ Kiiroitori

(Title of work: Sumikkogurashi)
・ Neko
・ Penguin?
・ Shirokuma
・ Tonkatsu
・ Tokage
・ Ebifurai no Shippo

(Work name: Sentimental circus)
・ Shappo

(Title of work: Kutusita Nyanko)
・ Kutusita Nyanko

(Title name: Tarepanda)
・ Tarepanda

(Title of work: Corocorocoronya)
・ Coronya

(Title of work: Jinbesan)
・ Jinbesan

(Title of work: Mofutanzu)
・ Mofutan

(Title of work: Shirasutai)
・ Normal shirasu

(Title of work: Afro ken)
・ Afro ken

(Title of work: Kamonohashikamo.)
・ Kamonohashikamo.

(Title of work: Iiwaken)
・ Iiwaken

(Title of work: Kireizukinseikatsu)
・ Kireizukin

(Title of work: Mamegoma)
・ Shirogoma

(Title of work: Tsuginohikerori)
・ Kerori

New characters will also appear one after another!

★ It is such an application ★
Very cute exhilarating puzzle game where characters such as Rilakkuma popular among girls, Sumikkogurashi, tarepanda appear as “Sumisumi”! Many old San-x characters that I loved as a child appeared a lot!
It is a character game to heal chest ♪ to a story you warm hearted ♪
Easy operation just to tap! It is a handy killing puzzle game ♪
It is also a great success as an intellectual training game for children’s apps! Of course adults can enjoy it as a brain training game!
Enjoy the popular free puzzle game as a hamerous puzzle game!
Everyone in the family can play with it because it can enjoy from children to adults!
Let’s compete with your friends in cooperation with Facebook!
Won first place in the GooglePlay new arrival popularity ranking!
Enjoy cute character puzzle game application “Sumisumi” of healing!

Recommended for ★ ★
· I want to do refreshing puzzles such as arranging, tracing, erasing
· I want to do something addictive in an interesting puzzle game with no other weakness characters
· I was looking for a cute puzzle game of healing
· I want to be healed by a cute little free puzzle game where stress can diverge between housework
· For low grade students, I am looking for a free app listed in the popularity ranking for girls
· It is not a monotonous easy puzzle game, I want to play with a free puzzle game where stages and gimmicks are elaborate
· I hesitate to train healing system games and healing-type applications, so I have a lot of elements to play I want to do funny fun game
· I want to be healed chillly by adult adult women game where many nostalgic characters come out
· I want a free and interesting puzzle application that cute characters come out
· I love funny puzzle games as the stage progresses as you clear
· I want to kill time with a funny healing puzzle application of weakness-related characters while moving
· Adults can be crazy, want to play with exhilarating puzzle games
· I was looking for a popular Sweet Sports game for elementary school students who can do with children
· Looking for a game that you can enjoy for a long time in a game you can play free of charge
· I’m looking for an interesting game to use my head because I have done a bit too easy for kids puzzles
· I want to play with cute puzzle game with chunky games with lots of elements
· I want to play with refreshing puzzle application of healing system that can be refreshed between studies
· I am looking for interesting puzzles that can be enjoyed not only for children but also adults even in puzzle games

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Version 2.6.1 Details
– Bug fixes

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